Follow one or more of the 8 money saving vacation tips outlined here and you’re sure to save money. Holidays are essential to everyone, even if you don’t work. There are too many tips to list in one article so…

Here are the 8 Tips:

8 Money Saving Vacation Tips

#1 – Set a Budget

  • Don’t go anywhere or do anything without setting a budget and being aware of the budget. There is no shame in not doing something because it’s not in your budget.
  • Do some research first so that you know for sure that your budget is realistic so that you can still have a good time.

#2 – Use Cash

8 Money Saving Vacation Tips
  • Once you set the budget, try using cash. If you go out to dinner with cash, you’re much more likely to stay mindful of the cost.
  • When you use debit cards and credit cards, it is too easy not to see it as money.

#3 – Stay Longer

8 Money Saving Vacation Tips
  • Did you know that when you rent rooms, especially via, you get a discount for staying longer. Renting a place long term or using your motor home means you’ll pay less per night and you can then take your time enjoying everything without rushing.

#4 – Consider Alternative Forms of Travel

8 Money Saving Vacation Tips
  • Going by RV, travel van, train, bus, and then staying in an Airbnb or other types of accommodation that are different from what you are typically used to doing, can be entertaining and also less expensive.

#5 – Get Out of the Country

8 Money Saving Vacation Tips
  • It might be less expensive than you think to travel across the ocean or to a neighboring country. If you go to a location off-season, you’ll likely get deep discounts.

#6 – Go Last Minute

  • You can sign up for last-minute travel deals. You never have to decide anything except your budget in advance.
  • Live a little and choose a last-minute deal that fits your budget.

#7 – Look for Discounts

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  • Seniors, students, and military folks can get discounts through a variety of methods, from club membership to just asking.
  • Look at your credit cards, memberships, and so forth to find out if you can get extra discounts.
9 Tips on Setting a Budget

#8 – Find Volunteer Opportunities

8 Money Saving Vacation Tips
  • If you really cannot afford to travel because you’re saving more money for something, but you still want to go on a personal holiday, why not look for volunteer opportunities.
  • Often, they will pay your housing and some expenses.

In Summary…

The main takeaway is that you want to plan any type of vacation you go on. If you’re spending it with family and need to bring gifts, all that needs to be taken into consideration.

If you plan for the vacation, it won’t break the bank. You don’t have to do everything on one trip because you can always go back and do more next time. Try at least one on the 8 money saving vacation tips above and you’ll be glad you did.