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If you own your own property, there are at least 9 ways you can make money from your property. The key is to ensure that it’s legal where you are, that you’re comfortable with it, and you’re sure to have fun doing it while making that extra money.

#1 Rent Out Parking Space

  • Do you live close to a city without much parking? If you are close to a bus stop or subway in the city, another way you can make money from your property is to rent out your driveway for people to park there. Look for some popular parking apps to sign up, like

#2 Rent Space for Events

  • Do you have a big house with room to party? What about your yard? Do you have a nice view of hills, mountains, or the ocean? If you do, you could rent your home for things like weddings, bridal showers, and other types of parties. Try to list your home for events.

# 3 Rent Rooms

  • Use to rent your rooms out to people touring. If you live near a big hospital that uses traveling nurses, you can also rent to them using the nurse rental app at

#4 Board Pets

  • You can even board some pets at your home if you have enough room and space to do it. Many homeowners love adding extra income and pets to their lives. Try using to get started.

#5 Host Yard Sales

  • Even if you don’t have a lot of extra things, there is no rule usually (check with your local area) that you can’t have yard sales often. Start with your own stuff; then if it works out, buy items just to sell at your yard sale. Many have made lots of money doing this!

#6 Add RV Hookups

  • In the right zone? Let people hook up their tiny homes in your yard while they are on vacation, or even permanently. All you need to do is get the right RV hookups with electricity, water, and sewage. Try to list your hookups.

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#7 Build a Tiny House and Rent It Out

  • If zoning permits, use your yard to build a tiny house to rent out to vacationers. You can use to list your home and find out more about making money on your little tiny house.

#8 Rent Out Space for Storage

  • Do you own an extra storage shed that can be locked? Rent out this space to someone who needs the extra storage.

#9 Grow Vegetables

  • You can also farm if you own property, even inside. Consider growing micro-greens in your basement or shed to generate an additional $50K a year. You can learn more about doing that here

You can make a lot of money if you follow the 9 ways to make money from your property as above.

Earning money with your property is a great way to shore up any shortages of funds that you have, as well as add more to your nest egg using what you already have creatively.

When you come up with a money-making idea, do your due diligence to ensure that it’s not against your HOA or the local zoning laws. Then go for it and get your money.