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As I’ve said many times before, email marketing for businesses just plain works. This is possibly the most important discussion about why email marketing is important for business. Let’s get right into that.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets have certainly become important avenues for online marketing campaigns. The truth is that good old-fashioned email marketing still holds a great deal of value for organizations and businesses of all sizes.

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In fact, email marketing even has a large number of advantages over some of the more ‘cutting-edge’ marketing techniques that some tend to focus on. Email marketing for your business can even be set up rather easily. Here are a few of the top reasons why email marketing is important for businesses today.

Email Marketing is Quite Personal

Email Marketing for Businesses

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Email is a personal and direct way of initiating a one to one conversation with prospects and existing customers. Based on the information you request on a sign-up page in addition to the email address, you may be able to make sure you’re targeting that individual most appropriately.

For example, you might ask a prospect to check boxes indicating their areas of interest while signing up. You would then use this information to decide what types of email messages to send to them later.

Email Marketing is Trusted

Email Marketing for Businesses-It Just Plain Works!

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Since reputable businesses only engage in email marketing to individuals who have signed up to receive emails, this marketing channel is inherently trusted by the recipient.

Because the individuals you’re marketing to have already decided that your business is one they’re interested in hearing more from you, you should market to them. That’s why they signed up for your email list.

Email Marketing is Easily Measurable

You can easily track backlinks from your landing pages with email marketing. This will help to to measure the click through rates for each of your communications.

On average, click through rates are generally in the 4%-5% range. Being able to measure your response rates and improve performance even slightly can have a significant benefit to your bottom line.

Email Marketing Works

Email Marketing for Businesses-It Just Plain Works!

Industry surveys continue to confirm that email marketing generally has the highest return on investment of all other marketing tactics. Simply put, email marketing works. Think of sending out an email , taking a jog and forgetting about it. Later, you check your stats to find out that you are $1,000 richer. Thus can be your life with successful email marketing.

Email Marketing is Affordable

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Email Marketing is Affordable

In relation to the benefits you’re likely to receive back, email marketing is the most affordable marketing methods. If you have a very small list you can consider administering it manually.

However, once your list grows to a certain size you may wish to take advantage of a professional email list management service. Most of these services are quite affordable, and provide you with a variety of pricing options. Almost any type of service or option that you can imagine is available for email marketing. Do yourself a favor and compare different service providers, but get-a-response is one if the best and I recommend them.

In the next post we’ll take a closer look at some of the leading services, and the pros and cons of each. It’s not always easy picking the right service , but at least we’ll cover some of those details so you can make an informed decision.