Once you have made the decision to use Google Adsense, you need to consider exactly where to place the ads on your pages. Learning how to place Adsense ads for maximum profit is key so that you earn as much as possible from your efforts. Much like real estate, it is all about location, location, oh, did I say location?

Placement of Adsense Ads

First off, you will not make $500,000 a year with Google Adsense if you have one site with 30 pages and 30 people visiting it a day. The people offering eBooks and memberships to that end are full of…stuff.

Google Adsense is a program that produces over time or if you have a lot of visitors or sites. Now that I have burst your bubble, let me offer some advice on ways to do well with Google Adsense so you can save time and money in your home business.

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What is Ad Blindness?

The most critical step learning how to place Adsense ads is the location of the ads. Most people put them down the right column or up at the top. This approach is dead wrong because of something known as ad blindness.

How To Place Adsense Ads

Ad blindness occurs when you look at the same format over and over. In the case of the web, most people filter out the ads on the top, right column and bottom of a page.

After looking at hundreds of sites and results on search engines, they know those listings are ads. You must avoid ad blindness at all costs.

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The best way to get past ad blindness is to put the ads in unexpected places. In this case, you want to place them between the paragraphs of text on your site. Few sites actually do this, which is pretty surprising.

At this moment, one of the ad formats which becomes more and more popular is the in-article format.

In-article ads appear between paragraphs of text articles. Introducing this type of ad unit by global ad networks points to its gaining popularity. The Google Adsense and Facebook already give to publishers this format for use, and let them earn lots more money.

Here is a Google Ads cheatsheet for you:


Placing ads between paragraphs is perfect for maximizing clicks because it is in the natural flow of the text. Readers will inevitably read the text ads and click anything they might be interested in. When creating your ads, Google will ask you what type of ads you want to create and where they should be placed.

Image result for adsense ad type and color"

This conclusion is also supported by the fact that people don’t really read the entire article or page on a site. They usually only make it through 50 to 80 percent because they find out what they want. If you place ads at the bottom of the page, they are never going to see them.

Ad Type and Color

The second biggest issue is the type and color of the ads. First, try to stick to text link ads whenever possible. Nobody clicks banners because they are worried about getting caught in popup hell.

As to color, some believe your ads should stand out while others believe they should blend in. Personally, I am with the blend in group. I try to make my ads blend into the overall color of the site and it seems to work fairly well.

Adding Adsense to your site is simple, but should be done with some thought. Avoid the top, bottom and right column of the pages.

Try to place the java script in between paragraphs of text and experiment with different colors to see how it does.

Ultimately, you will find a solution that returns solid click thru rates and generates revenues month after month, year after year. Lear how to sign up for Adsense here.