take-it product review
make money online

Have you ever thought how cool it would be if you could make money online? Every single web site, every web page possible. Finally, someone came up with software that brought this idea to life. Take-It is an innovative tool that lets you instantly monetize anything on the internet. Just in one click you can create plenty of money pages, then add your own offers. The possibilities for monetization are endless.

How can this help me?

Are you looking for high conversions? Do you want to crate high-converting landing pages, but have none of your own? This solution is absolutely streamlined and can save you A LOT of time and money. Because, as you might know, nowadays you need a good-looking, catchy website if you want to attract visitors and get conversions.

In the past even poorly made websites could still be successful, but now you need a REALLY good website, one that instantly grabs the user’s attention.


The mechanism of Take-It is incredibly simple yet powerful. You can finally harness the power of existing website and turn them to your advantage! Take any URL and instantly turn it into a fully operational website that YOU own, and that you can monetize with YOUR links.

You don’t need anything else because everything is already included. Take-It automatically hosts your newly created website on premium servers – it works really fast and easy.

Why would I need these websites?

It is a well-known fact that a tiny percentage of websites dominates the overall majority of online traffic. Just a bunch of popular, reputable sites gets all the dough. If you look at what most visitors are doing, they’re all hanging out on those websites, giving them their time and attention. Imagine if you could simply go and copy those websites!

With the help of Take-It, you can, thanks to its fully automated, cloud-based platform. Now, whatever credibility they have, you can leverage it for your own benefit.

What sites can I copy?

Basically, you can copy absolutely any website in a totally legal, foolproof manner. All you need is simply a URL. This includes not just random websites you might find somewhere, but the most reputable, well-known websites, ones that people know and respect. Press a button and you’ve got a copy of your own. All that’s left is to add your own monetization. Simply add your own affiliate links and opt-in forms to the existing page.

What do I have to do?

Each time you clone a site in Take-It, you receive your own customized link with an absolutely identical, indistinguishable copy of the website. You can share it everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Snapchat, forums, everything you might think of. Don’t forget that internet users these days are social media junkies, they love consuming content, especially when it comes from a trendy source.

Since both websites are completely identical, users treat your link just like the original website. If they purchase something, you profit. If they fill an offer, you profit and make money online! You can freely collect their emails, build your list and profit. You’re open to endless possibilities because the hardest part has already been done for you.

What if I am new to the field?

TAKE-IT is absolutely noobie-friendly. No special skills are needed at all. You can be a complete beginner, yet still enjoy the power of Take-It for generating traffic. The interface is very easy to use, everything is hosted on a proprietary cloud platform.

There is NO need for any additional configuration – everything has already been configured for you to make money online. You can go ahead and enjoy what the fabulous Take-It platform can offer even if you’re absolutely inexperienced and have great results.

Do I have to create my own content?

Absolutely not, the system is fully automated and fetches the content for you. Basically, you don’t have to type a single word – everything is done by Take-It. Just imagine how much time you’re going to save by not having to come up with, type and edit your own content. Everything is plain and simple and works just in one click. You can get the most premium content to be displayed on your landing page for subsequent monetization.

How to do my own design?

The short answer is: you don’t even have to! The wonderful TAKE-IT app will do everything for you. Take-IT allows you to siphon traffic off of power sites. Keep in mind that professional brands spend MILLIONS on their design. It is already highly optimized for usability and attention, people tend to like it. Now you can simply fetch it for yourself in a neat, elegant way – and monetize!

How can I retain my visitors?

Take-It is truly the gem of user retention. It has a whole bunch of neat, useful options to help you retain and convert your visitors with ease. With the help of Take-It in-built form builder, you can collect your visitors’ emails and build your list absolutely effortlessly, in an automated manner. And you probably know how powerful email-lists are. These days, they are absolutely a must!

The 2-in-1 list builder is really nice to work with, and it actually works. It even has an additional FB option that lets you grab the user’s verified FB address. You can then add it to your Facebook messenger list, and you can send messages and notifications directly. Sounds neat, isn’t it?

Another delicious option for user retention is the “Perfect Pitch” technology. It is abundantly used in the best high-profit websites, now you can employ it too. For your own benefit, of course! With its help you can use catchy, effective pop-ups that are proven to work, and create smart redirects based on specific conditions.


Take-It is an amazing tool if you want to succeed in online marketing and making money online. It does all the work for you, while leaving you the most important thing: monetization! Now you can finally focus on making conversions, generating leads and making money instead of doing routine stuff.