The top 3 affiliate marketing tools will make all the difference in the world with your campaigns. There is a proverb that says, “A bad workman always fights with his tools.” Why he or she does that is anyone’s guess… maybe they are hot tempered or maybe their tools are sub-par. Whatever the case is, tools are crucial for both workmen and successful affiliate marketers.

Have you heard of a super affiliate who uses free affiliate marketing tools? No? You haven’t? Don’t worry… neither has anyone else.

Lots of newbie affiliate marketers try to skimp on costs and make the mistake of trying to use free alternatives. Any saved costs is then spent on some get rich quick system that never really delivers on its promises.

As an affiliate marketer, it is important that you understand that this is a business and all businesses have variable costs. There is no getting away from this fact. You will need to spend some money in order to make much more money.

Being penny wise and foolish will not only sabotage your efforts, but just might impede your progress. To be a successful affiliate marketer, 3 tools are crucial. In fact, you could almost say that they are the cornerstones of your business. Without them, it is almost certain that you will fail.

Tool #1- A Domain Name

The first tool you’ll need is your own domain name. The key words here are “your own”. You should never build your business on someone else’s web property.! 75% discount today with a FREE domain! $1.99/month only, Get Started Now!

Yes, you may have to spend a few bucks buying a domain, but at least you’ll know that you have control over it.

Many marketers spent a lot of time and money building Squidoo pages a few years ago. All of a sudden, Squidoo, changed its policies and these marketers found that their earning dried up overnight.

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You will always be subjected to your content being controlled if you don’t own your own domain name.  Your content may be deleted, or your pages may have ads that aren’t relative to your content. There is a price to pay for free domains. It’s just not money.

Tool #2- Web Hosting

The second tool you’ll need is hosting. Web hosting is extremely affordable. Companies such as iPage, Bluehost, Hostinger and many more provide plans that most beginner marketers can afford. There really is no excuse to not get paid hosting.

Sure… you could opt for free hosting. Just like choosing a free domain, you’ll once again have no control over your business. Free web hosting usually comes with a ton of unrelated ads that will appear on your site.

Choose paid hosting. You can also host unlimited domains on the same account for one low monthly price.

Tool #3- Autoresponder

The third tool you will need is an autoresponder. You may have heard the saying, “The money is in the list” repeated ad nauseam.

Yet, many beginners try to save money by not getting one. This is understandable since an autoresponder is an ongoing cost. However, it would be myopic to not build a list because of this.

Initially, the autoresponder may be costing you a little more than it makes. However, with time as you build your list and your subscribers swell in number from hundreds to thousands, the list will definitely pay for itself. You’ll be able to develop a relationship with many people through email.

You can provide them with free, useful content so they start to trust you. This will reap rewards when you promote something they will find helpful. You’ll get sales and earn commissions that far exceed the cost of your autoresponder.

Besides these 3 tools, there are several other tools such as keyword tools, rank checking tools, spy tools, etc. However, these tools are nowhere near as important as those mentioned in this article.

If you’re a serious affiliate marketer who actually plans on making money be sure to grab a domain, hosting plan, and an autoresponder to make your business easier and increase its chances of success. Use these top 3 marketing tools and success could soon be yours.